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Advantages and disadvantages of multilayer gold plated circuit board
Addtime: 2020-11-11

In order to further understand electronic products, it is necessary for us to understand the manufacturing process of circuit board, integrated circuit, single chip microcomputer, CPU and chip, so as to deepen our understanding of them.

Printed circuit board (PCB), also known as circuit board, PCB board, circuit board, etc., is an important electronic component, the support of electronic components, and the provider of circuit connection of electronic components. The traditional circuit board, using the printing etching resist method, makes the circuit lines and drawings, so it is called printed circuit board or printed circuit board.

Integrated circuit: is to achieve a certain function, the various circuit units can be gathered together, the English called IC.

Single chip microcomputer: it is the smallest system, which can realize all kinds of required functions through programming. It is called MCU in English, that is, micro controller. If using single chip microcomputer and various peripheral circuits, robots can be made.

CPU: central processing unit in Chinese. It is the heart of electronic products. For example, if you don't have CPU, you will be dead.

Chip: short for integrated circuit.

Multilayer printed circuit board is used in various fields of electronic products, which is an indispensable component of electronic products. Electronic components will be installed and welded on the circuit board to realize its functional value. The most commonly used process is tin or nickel gold. Now we mainly introduce the function, advantages and disadvantages of nickel gold.

First of all, the reason why the gold deposition process is covered on the pad of PCB, as an important part of PCB, is definitely because nickel gold is one of the materials that are very easy to be welded with tin, and nickel gold can also protect the copper skin of pad from oxidation and corrosion by air, and protect the PCB. In addition, the nickel gold deposition process is also in line with the environmental protection requirements advocated by various countries Technology is lead-free technology (lead-free multilayer gold circuit board), customers can rest assured that the use of production. In addition, because the multilayer gold sinking circuit board process is chemical gold sinking, the gold covered on the pad surface is flat, which is also very easy to weld. Especially for many high-precision circuit boards, the processing requirements are very high. If poor welding causes false welding, BGA is not so easy to find the reason, which leads to repeated adjustment by engineers, so multilayer circuit board is easy to sink Gold technology, generally can be very good to avoid this phenomenon, so now many precision circuit boards are using gold technology to only do.

However, there is also a disadvantage of gold precipitation process, that is, the cost will be more expensive than the general process. As the company's cost considerations, generally not very precise or low requirements of the board, you can choose to spray with lead tin or no lead tin.

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