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The PCB of 360 security router adopts gold sinking process
Addtime: 2020-11-11

Wireless router, like other wireless products, belongs to radio frequency (RF) system. It needs to work in a certain frequency range to communicate with other devices. 2.4GHz is one of the frequency bands widely used by early wireless routers, with a high penetration rate. So, when searching the nearby network, sometimes you can see dozens of wireless signals. It's like driving on the road. There are dozens of cars in two lanes, which inevitably affect each other. This is the channel interference that we often talk about. Moreover, because WiFi in wireless network uses free public frequency band, other electronic products, such as air conditioner, microwave oven, wireless mouse, wireless speaker, Bluetooth, cordless phone, also use this frequency band, which is easy to cause wireless signal interference between devices, thus leading to the instability of wireless network, and network disconnection naturally becomes inevitable.

As for how to solve this problem, there is only one way to raise the working frequency of wireless WiFi to 5GHz. Although the first generation 802.11a and the fourth generation 802.11n of WiFi protocol standard support 5GHz band, the wireless transmission speed can't be compared with the current fifth generation 802.11ac at all - 5g WiFi transmission speed can reach 125mb per second, with such a speed, it's no problem for HD Movie transmission with download speed of about 30-45mb per second.

However, 5GHz frequency attenuation is stronger than 2.4GHz, which is a headache for obstacles (through the wall). Therefore, dual band routing (2.4GHz / 5GHz) is ready to come out, with stronger anti-interference, stronger wireless signal, higher stability, and not easy to drop, which has become the mainstream development trend of wireless products.

From the point of view of dual band routing on the market, the mainstream price is mostly around 200 yuan, and 802.11ac routing is almost impossible to appear in the old brands. Therefore, the 99 yuan price of 360 secure routing instantly ignites the industry! From 55 hours of inviting 1.78 million users to make an appointment, it can be seen that consumers favor it, and there are many bonus points for 360 secure routing.

In view of the increasingly serious network security, 360 relies on the advantages of its own security platform, introduces the security concept into the router design, and creates 360s OS security system, WiFi network and router all-round anti black. In particular, the original WiFi anti cracking five element fist, which can prevent violent cracking of WiFi password, early warning / shielding of unfamiliar devices, access isolation of Internet devices, isolation of visitors' Internet access and home network, and WiFi password security detection, is like installing anti-theft doors for WiFi to prevent intrusion and network rubbing. In terms of security protection, online banking's painstaking efforts to prevent loopholes and online shopping phishing can make users' online shopping safe; protect chat, games, social networking and email accounts to ensure the protection of private accounts; prevent horse linked virus websites, false and fraudulent websites, and effectively intercept malicious websites.

In addition, we have our own intimate care for special groups. Three low radiation modes care for babies and pregnant women, baby mode can reduce 90% WiFi radiation, pregnant mode can reduce 70% WiFi radiation, health mode can reduce 50% WiFi radiation, care for the health of the whole family, become a truly loving route.

PCB is the first to bear the brunt. 360 security routing PCB adopts gold sinking process, while t brand adopts OSP process. Lead free process of environmental protection PCB board is generally divided into three categories: gold, silver and OSP. The cost of gold is very high because of the complexity of the process and the use of precious metal gold, and the stability, welding strength, heat dissipation and electrical testability of gold are much higher than those of OSP. Moreover, the color of 360 security routing PCB is black. Users who are familiar with the PCB must know that black is generally used in high-end products. Although it has no impact on performance, black PCB has high requirements on raw materials and manufacturing process, because in the process of PCB washing, black is most likely to cause color difference, and the rise of defect rate will directly lead to the increase of cost. In addition, the circuit routing of black PCB is difficult to identify, which will increase the difficulty of maintenance and debugging in the R & D and after-sales stage. Generally, if there is no Rd (R & D) designer with deep skills and strong maintenance team, it will not be easy to use black PCB.

Secondly, in terms of memory capacity, most of the ordinary consumer level is 32MB, while the enterprise level is more than 128MB. 360 security routing uses 128MB DDR2 Memory, while t brand only has 16MB. No wonder many people will improve their performance by DIY 64MB memory. In the storage of the system, there is generally no backup. The 360 secure routing adopts the 16MB + 16MB dual flash system. When upgrading the firmware, even if it fails, there can be a backup system to help restore it and avoid the tragedy of routing brick. Of course, the cost will be much more expensive than a single system.

As for capacitors, they are often ignored by consumers because of the small number of them, but capacitor fault is often the most common fault. T brand adopts electrolytic capacitor, which is easily affected by temperature and has a service life of only 2-3 years. The 360 security route uses solid-state capacitor, because the composition is different, will not appear the phenomenon of slurry explosion, and high temperature resistance, long service life, there is a disadvantage that the cost is slightly higher.

Finally, let's look at the details, such as the choice of network interface. T brand only uses the most basic RJ-45 interface, even without shielding, while 360 security routing uses the interface with shielding and light. When in use, plug in the Internet cable to display the status immediately and give users the most intuitive information. In addition, on some important chips, 360 security routing has designed huge heat sink to ensure the heat emission and ensure the stability of the system, but these are not in place in t brand.

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