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New rules have recently come into force regarding cookies. These rules require that cookies can only be placed on devices where the user has given their consent.

What are Cookies?

 "Cookies" are small pieces of information that a website sends to your computer's hard drive while you are viewing a website.

How we use cookies on the site uses Google Analytics in order to measure traffic on the site.  The cookies left on your computer do not identify you in any way, and are used for example to tell us how many people visited the site, which are the most popular pages


I want to opt out

You can if you wish opt out of the Google Analytics system by visiting this site and installing the software

Controlling the use of cookies

For more information on cookies please visit

The software you use to browse websites will  have features within them allowing you to control which cookies are used on your system.  Links providing instructions on how to control cookies for the most popular browsers are listed below

Changing cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Changing cookies in Internet Explorer

Changing cookies in Google Chrome

Changing cookies in Apple Safari (OS X Lion)

Changing cookies in iOS (Apple iphone / ipad)

Changing cookies in Android devices